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Christopher C. Bouquet develops solutions to problems that arise in connection with your government contracts. The solutions are based on superior legal scholarship and skills developed over more than 30 years of successful experience as a government contractor and government contracts lawyer.

Mr. Bouquet’s government contracts law practice focuses on the following major areas:

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Cost Accounting and Recovery

Mr. Bouquet helps government contractors to comply with the complex Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) rules governing cost accounting and recovery under government contracts. For example, Mr. Bouquet will help develop and implement new and improved compliance program policies, procedures and training for company employees responsible for adherence to the FAR and CAS rules. In addition, he will review, analyze and comment on whether the following submissions comply with FAR and CAS:

Mr. Bouquet will also:

You can also use Mr. Bouquet’s expertise in the cost accounting and recovery rules to support internal investigations of potential mischarging, which frequently involve accounting issues, and to support litigation of cost accounting disputes. Click here for details concerning Mr. Bouquet’s experience with the cost accounting and recovery regulations.

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Compliance Programs

The government contracts compliance program services offered by Mr. Bouquet are valuable to new government contractors, who quickly need to come to terms with the full scope of the compliance challenge they face, and to mature government contractors, who may need to improve an existing compliance system as a result of an audit report, hot line call or other inquiry or initiative. Mr. Bouquet’s services in support of compliance programs involve one or more of the following activities:

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Internal Investigations

Mr. Bouquet’s internal investigation services are especially useful to companies that need to investigate concerns raised by employees or in government audit reports about the company’s compliance with the governing government contracts laws and regulations. In many cases, such issues can be resolved cost effectively without involving the white collar practice of a large law firm. Mr. Bouquet’s work on internal investigations of government contracts matters typically involves one or more of the following activities:

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Contract Formation

The contract formation practice of Mr. Bouquet helps clients to comply with the numerous laws and regulations governing submission of proposals for government contracts and to submit proposals that are responsive to the government’s requirements. His work in the contract formation phase typically involves counseling concerning one or more of the following issues:

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Mr. Bouquet’s claims development services can help companies restore healthy profit margins on contracts that have been adversely affected by government actions or inactions. His services typically involve one or more of the following activities:

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Intellectual Property Protections

Mr. Bouquet’s counseling of companies in connection with their government contracts includes counseling concerning the importance of the following Federal Acquisition Regulation procedures concerning the protection of company intellectual property. His intellectual property related services tend to involve one or more of the following activities:

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Small Business Programs

Mr. Bouquet’s small business programs practice focuses on the relationships between small and large companies. Typically, Mr. Bouquet is called upon to analyze whether, under the Small Business Administration’s rules, a relationship rises to the level of “affiliation”, in which case the small business may no longer be eligible for government contracting procurement preferences. If it does, he makes recommendations concerning how to restructure the relationship so that it does not rise to this level. Click here for details concerning Mr. Bouquet’s small business program experience.
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Subcontracts and Teaming Agreements

The subcontracts and teaming agreements services offered by Mr. Bouquet are particularly valuable for busy corporate Legal Departments seeking to cost effectively outsource temporary surges in the volume of their work. His work on teaming agreements typically involves drafting to promote his clients’ business objectives and to avoid the application of case law that makes unallowable bid and proposal costs incurred pursuant to teaming agreements. Mr. Bouquet’s work on subcontracts typically involves one or more of the following:

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Bid Protests

Federal agencies must award contracts in accordance with numerous acquisition laws and regulations. If a party interested in a government contract believes that an agency has violated procurement law or regulation in a solicitation for goods or services, or in the award of a contract, it may file a bid protest with either the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) or the Court of Federal Claims. Mr. Bouquet takes a balanced approach to handicapping the prospects for success of bid protests, always striving to advise clients candidly about both the strengths and the weaknesses of their cases. In the briefings prepared in support of protests, he focuses relentlessly on obtaining a thorough understanding of the facts and comprehensive identification of case law supporting the protest.

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Litigation Support

Mr. Bouquet has significant experience in providing support to litigations involving government contracts issues. In the cases he has worked on, he has engaged in extensive factual discovery and analysis, including taking and defending depositions of government and contractor personnel, drafted briefs and prepared legal research. He can serve cost effectively as a temporary adjunct to your internal litigation staff. He can also help you interact with larger law firms who may be handling your litigation. Click here for details concerning Mr. Bouquet’s litigation support experience.
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Mr. Bouquet is also available to help you solve problems pertaining to your commercial contracts. As mentioned in connection with his experience with subcontracts and teaming agreements , Mr. Bouquet has reviewed and participated in the drafting of standard commercial terms for many subcontracts under government contracts. Essentially, aside from the flow down of government contracts terms, these subcontracts are commercial contracts. Like any other commercial contract, they are subject to state law. This work gives him the capacity to assist you in the drafting, negotiation and resolution of problems associated with commercial contract terms such as:

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